1)  Specify what you would like:

     -- necklace, earrings or bracelet;

     -- general design (refer to photos, or provide a sketch, or call to discuss);

     -- major colour or atmosphere;

     -- preference for certain types & sizes of stones, crystals & pearls.

2)  Send details to  LJprojects@rogers.com

Within 3 days, you will receive a reply with a firm price (including HST).  But there may be some clarifying questions first.

3)  Respond to the e-mail to confirm your desire to purchase the item.

Within 10 days, you will receive a reply with a picture of the finished item.

4)  Respond again to the e-mail to confirm your readiness to pay for the finished item.  Indicate where & when it would be convenient to meet to get the item.

5)  Receive the item.  Payment of the earlier-agreed amount must be in cash.  Subsequent purchases get 15% discount. 

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